2 thoughts on “Mushrooms are the topic on Montana Ag Live, June 13”

  1. howdy- i am working in MT for the summer @ Whitefish and hope to find lots of stuff-been going to burns the past 2 weeks, found a few lbs. today but not a lot- foraged in some perfect looking burns to the NW of here, looked unpicked, but not finding a lot. Almost as many natural blacks as in the burns….lots of fiddleheads, oysters, and giant puffballs too.

  2. Hello and thank you for the response.
    I was wondering if the weather was right for the burns. It has been a very cool spring here in Bozeman. The mushrooms are growing because there has been plenty of moisture, but it has not been warm enough for them to explode! I have been eating oysters also, and look forward to finding some puffballs. Puffballs are a great way to satisfy a mushroom craving. Keep on looking and feel free to report your findings.

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