4 thoughts on “Shiitake Grow Kit”

  1. NICE!

    I was thinking of growing some oysters this summer. First I am going to try cloning wild strain to cardboard then transfer to grain and finally to straw/woodchips. If that doesn’t work I am thinking of just grabbing a bag of spawn from online.

    Nice to know that shiitake will grow around here too.

  2. Thank you for the reply Mark!
    Just as a note, this shiitake kit was grown inside through the winter. I think it would work outside in the summer, as some kits flush in 2 weeks.

    When you get the wild strain cloned to the cardboard, I would take the cardboard straight to the substrate(straw or wood). One neat trick I have seen is to put the inoculated cardboard between bales of straw. The same thing would work with the cardbard incorporated into a wood chip bed. Give it a try and let us know how you do!

  3. Thats hella cool, Dad! I totally forgot to tell you that while we were in Cooke City, we ate at a little cafe in town and I had a grilled portabella burger with peesto sauce on it…………and it was amazing! Burger-like texture with portabella taste! And the pesto I wasn’t so sure about, but it was a real nice compliment to the mushroom;)

  4. Yes, they are a very versatile mushroom. The taste is very meaty! We will have to grow them!

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