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  1. Hello , I just moved here from Washington State were I spent as much time as I possibly could hunting for moral and belete mushrooms. I’m an avid mushroom Hunter and was thrilled to hear that there are places around here to find them!! Unfortunately I don’t know any like minded people here yet. So I was wondering if there were any sort of club or group or something of that nature, that wouldn’t mind showing me around , I do not have a vehicle or I’d just go get lost on my own lol if anyone has any info to help me out if appreciate it a ton. My email is sayd3159@gmail.com and my name is Sadie Hackett if u care to reach me on Facebook. Thank u so much for taking the time to read this, once again I appreciate your time.

  2. Hi, Dean

    I just discovered your website and thought I’d write with a question. I just moved to the Bitterroot Valley in January from Denver. As spring approaches I’m thinking of yellow morels but I know the mushroom seasons here don’t necessarily coincide to the seasons, particularly spring, in the Colorado Rockies. So I’m wondering when I should begin to be on the lookout for spring morels. I’m used to finding them around mid-April along the eastern foothills and plains about the time the cottonwood leaves are about the size of half dollars in habitat with narrow leaf cottonwoods. I’ve been in the Bitterroot Valley about that time of year and have hunted for morels along the Bitterroot River and its feeder streams and have never found morels. Any suggestions? And, one more question. Can I presume my mushroom reference books for Colorado would be applicable for Western Montana?

    Sorry for my long-winded question but got excited to find a source for information about Montana mushrooming. The WMMA doesn’t seem to be very active anymore.


  3. Live in Lake county. Wondering if anyone has found any Morels yet! Found plenty of false ones but no actual morels.

  4. I live in Seeley Lake, Montana. My daughter and I would love to go mushroom hunting but do not know how to go and identify properly wild edible mushrooms?. What time of year do we start to do it in?. Could you help us? . We love morrels and chantrells but have not seen any. What other wild edible mushrooms are there in my neck of the woods?

  5. Have any mushroom clubs been established for Gallatin Valley yet? Couple months away. Thanks.

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