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Taylor Lockwood

Hello Mushroom Fans, we finally have the good news as promised!

 St~Am~300 (Duplicate)

Taylor Lockwood has agreed to let Montana Mushrooms bring you his wonderful mushroom art. Taylor is the most well known mushroom photographer in the world. If you don’t know who he is, then I will bet you have seen his images. We are going to carry his full line, including books, DVDs, posters and mouse pads. It is all outstanding, entertaining and educational. This one of my favorite posters. Check it out!


The New Store


Fly Agaric

Hello Friends!

Our fellow mushroom fanatics are picking mushrooms in Cali at the NAMA foray!



      I just have to go to this some year!

       Nice to know someone is picking!

  “NAMA FORAY – 2012 – Ruth Ellen’s Amanita muscaria – so gorgeous

      it  could hold its own during Fashion Week in NYC.”

photo and quote by Gary Lincoff


Toxic Mushroom Lesson

I found this little jewel while looking for edibles ! At first glance, half buried, it looked like a puffball.









Then I cut it in half, length wise, as we are taught to do with all suspected puffballs! We are looking for any color other than white, and we are looking for gilled mushrooms in the button or egg stage.









The flesh of the  mushroom is all white , but as you can see, there is a baby mushroom inside. This one happens to be from a very toxic family, Amanita. From the orange layer I would guess this to be from the Muscaria part of the family. A mistake with this identification could cost you your life!

Learn the rules and then there is no worries!

Fly Agaric

The Fly Agaric or Aminita muscaria is a mushroom with a rich history.

The Fly Agaric gets it common name from farmers putting them in milk or water to induce a stupor to the flies that consumed the liquid. It is in the Amanita family along with some deadly poisonous mushrooms like the Death Cap, (Amanita phalloids), and the Destroying or Death Angel(Amanita ocreata).

They are fairly common and fun to find. Until I started finding them, I thought they only existed in fairy tales and kitchen decor.

They are the most used image in mushrooms, but most people think they are mythical!

This mushroom also has the most written about it of any mushroom I have researched. Mushroom identification books list it as anything from edible to poisonous. There are stories of Siberians using it for rituals, to likening the colors of Santa clause and Christmas to the famous mushroom. I surely would not eat this mushroom, and do not recommend it to anyone. The poisonous varieties of the Amanita family cause painful deaths as they attack and destroy the liver.

There is plenty to read about this mushroom and plenty of opinions. I just like to find it in the woods as there is a kind of mystical appeal to it. I have found them growing in a circle ranging in size from little unopened buttons to saucer sized caps. When they are large, they are hard to miss! Anytime I find one kind of mushroom, I know the conditions are right for other types.