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Mushroom Growing Kit Product Review

I recently purchased the Mushroom Adventures Button and Crimini Growing kit.


The kit is a little different than some because there is 2 different mushrooms growing in the same kit. The button and the crimini mushroom both come from the same family, genus and species, Agaricus bisporus. They are variations of the same mushroom!



The kit was complete and all we had to do was mix the included casing with water and spread it on the top. The compost was already alive with mycelium  growing throughout. At this point the mycelium looked the same on both sides of the box. The box was misted once a day to simulate morning dew.

There was mycelium growing up through the casing very soon and the kit started pinning or creating tiny mushrooms!



Then the kit started to really grow! It was obvious which side was growing which mushroom! The mushrooms doubled in size every day.








We have had at least 3 harvests so far and the kit is slowing down, but still growing.




We have been very pleased with this kit and the mushrooms have been delicious. This would be a great kit for someone who wants common mushrooms, but does not want the nasty chemicals that come along with most “store bought mushrooms”. This also would be a  great kit for beginners.

The following link will get you there:




Mushroom Movie Review

Finally got to see the movie “Know Your Mushrooms!” starring Larry Evans and Gary Lincoff.  Written, Produced &  Directed by: Ron Mann

Larry Evans is the fearless leader of the Western Montana Mycological Association and maintains the Fungal Jungal website. (link on home page). Larry has taught me a lot of what I know about mushrooms, and is my mushroom guru.

Gary Lincoff has written several books, and the one I am most familiar with is the National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mushrooms
by Gary A. Lincoff, Gary H. Lincoff, Carol Nehring. This was my first mushroom ID book and is a great resource.

The story starts with Larry at the Teluride Mushroom Festival in Colorado. This is a long running get together and there is plenty of characters to entertain and inform.

There is educational portions and comedy thrown in along the way. Complete with question and answer sessions. The scenery and graphics are top notch

I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in Mushrooms!

Product Review on The Giant Morel Mushroom Patch™

I bought the The Giant Morel Mushroom Patch™  as a gift for my dad last October. The kit is available at fungi.com (link on homepage) and is one of many mushroom kits and products available. Dad lives in Oregon now and I was curious how the kit would grow. He also loves morels and is living in a new area, so homegrown mushrooms in his backyard seemed like a good idea.

Dad followed the instructions and his mushroom bed was ready before the end of October. The kit can take up to 2 years to produce mushrooms, and morels are one of the tougher fungi to grow. Report from Oregon last week was the patch has produced its  first morel. There won’t probably be many mushrooms to eat this year, but we know the fungus is established and growing underground.
Quite a feat for a first time mushroom farmer, and when the conditions are right there will be gourmet food.

I have ordered another outdoor kit and some inoculated plugs from fungi perfecti and will report on their progress. I was so impressed with the results of the The Giant Morel Mushroom Patch™ that I just ordered another one as a gift. I will report on it’s progress also as it will live in Montana!