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  1. Hello,
    I enjoyed “Know Your Mushrooms” & wanted the name of the sinus/cold cure mushroom.
    You showed it at the Asian restaurant.
    It sounded like
    Thank you & have a great weekend,

  2. Hello, and welcome to Montana Mushrooms!
    The mushroom they are talking about is the Reishi mushroom, and it’s family Ganoderma. I use this mushroom and also grow it. Reishi Kits
    Thank you,

  3. I have been trying to identify a mushroom that has shown up on my acreage this year. I have never seen it here before. I will try to attach a photo. It looks like the Death Cap, but it has not turned green. Can you help me? Darn, I can’t post a photo here.

  4. Sorry, I am in the Bitterroot Mountains, Bitterroot Valley, Montana. My neighbors asked me the same question. They have never seen them before on their property.

  5. Hello and I apologize for the late answer.
    I am not sure. I have not seen them myself.
    How anyone else?

  6. Hello, I moved from the Pacific northwest 6 years ago to the. Bitterroot area. My wife and myself were avid chanterell hunters there. My question is there anyone who can tell me how to precisely identify the matsutake, and the terrain they are most know for growing in. Also when to start hunting. Thanks in advance.

  7. I have multiple mushroom growing and they all look like china cap or lil umbrellas do they sound friendly?

  8. I think I found 4 small morel mushrooms at my home near alberton 5-1-20. Does any one want them ? Will they keep growing in the same place each year?

  9. Morels are so good – just slice them and fry up in butter!

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