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New Mushroom Grow Kit!

We have added a new Grow Kit to our Store!

THE MUSHROOM FARM from Back to the Roots


Grow these delicious organic oyster mushrooms right out of the box in just 3 easy steps – open, mist and harvest (Includes a free mister) Repeat to grow a second crop.

The Ideal Gift The award-winning Mushroom Farm, a recipient of the SOFI Gold Award has been featured on the Today Show, Oprah magazine, Sunset, Food & Wine Magazine and many more.

Made in USA The Mushroom Farm is designed in California and grown in Michigan. Martha Stewart selected Back to the Roots as a Top 10 American Made Company.

Certified Organic The Mushroom Farm is certified organic by QAI and USDA. It uses 100% recycled materials as the growing medium (saw dust, corn cobs, soy husks and wheat bran).

Paying it Forward Back to the Roots will donate a free Mushroom Farm to any elementary school classroom for every picture of the Mushroom Farm posted to their Facebook page.


Oyster Mushrooms

One of the Oyster Mushroom projects had a successful flush after sleeping through the winter.

The project started with burlap sacks filled with coffee grounds and oyster mushroom spawn. The sacks were stacked , bunker style outside, and left through the winter.

There was encouraging signs of life this spring and the bunker started getting water regularly. The gunny sack material sprouted mycelium throughout.

The first flush was large, and the mushrooms were tender and had a light licorice smell. The clusters pulled from the fabric easily, and were pretty clean.

I think the burlap material helped keep the moisture correct. This has been a problem when growing oysters in buckets. The material seems to wick the moisture where needed, much like mycelium. No wonder fungus loves burlap! Give it a try,


Spring Growing Season

Spring is almost here! Time to think about new and ongoing mushroom projects.

This time of year, I start to scheme about the various new growing projects that will be tried this season. Planning on the types of mushrooms early,  makes it easier to insure that you will  be able to get the spawn you need in time to start your project.

It also becomes important to know exactly how you plan on proceeding, so you can get the spawn in the form that you need. There are many ways to get started, but spawn purchased from a reputable source is the safest way to get started.

This is also a good time to check on your ongoing, outdoor growing projects.  With the recent warm weather, my beds have dried up some. Layering more leaves and snow on them will help them stay dormant