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Mushroom Growing Kits

Mushroom kits are a great way to get started growing mushrooms.

Mushroom growing kits can be purchased online. They come in quite a variety of mushrooms. They produce fairly well and don’t take up much space. The different types usually involve sawdust and grain of some sort. The bag is complete with the growing substrate and spawn. The only thing left to do is to water them and put them in the right place to incubate. The directions vary but are usually detailed and clear.

Shiitakes take from 2 to 4 weeks to start flushing, and might flush for up to 16 weeks after. They need a temperature between 50 and 80 degrees.The kits are similar to how production mushrooms are grown. Most of them are grown on blocks kind of  like the kits, for fast production.

Lions Mane

The selection has become incredible in the last few years.You can find just about anything from Lions mane to Reishi. These kits would be a good start for beginners, and when done flushing, can be put to use in a mulch pile or outdoor experiments.


Mushroom growing kits can be found online at Garden City Fungi and Fungi Perfecti, links on the homepage. Some stores carry the kits so watch for them.

Conifer Coral

The Conifer Coral, Hercium abeitis,  grows on pines and would be a good candidate for inoculating pine stumps.

Conifer Coral

I have seen this mushroom growing from partially submerged logs. The fact that it enjoys this habitiat leads me to believe it would be happy growing from stumps. Literature from places that sell plug spawn for this mushroom (Fungi Perfecti) support the theory.

The Conifer Coral is from the Hericium family and is related to the Lions Mane which is a beatutiful mushroom also. They are both choice edibles and are easy to prepare.

I am going to spread this mushroom around to some pine stumps this year. There are plenty to inoculate with the pine beetle kill. I encourage you to do the same.