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Mushroom Music

A true mycophile like myself listens to mushroom music.

Larry Evans has done it again! Music about mushrooms that is mycologically correct and fun to listen to.

Fungal BoogieI have purchased Fungal Boogie and found it interesting and I learn something new each time I listen to it

The cd covers songs about Boletes, Morels and others. There is a song about the Fly Agaric that is funny and thought provoking.The songs describe different identification tips, and the Latin names are taxonomically correct.


The newest cd out is the Fungal Boogieman.

Fungal Boogieman


I have not purchased this one yet, but will be soon. In listening to the sample tracks, it sounds like another fun one to have and listen to. The setup and context seems similar to the last one.

The link on the homepage will get you to the Fungal Jungal, with some samples of the cds as well as the lyrics to the songs. 10% of the purchase price goes to the WMMA, a worthy cause indeed!The WMMA and Larry maintain the Fungal Jungal website that is loaded with mushroom information and links.


So get yourself some mushroom music and learn more about mycology while you are at it!


Going on an organized foray is a good way to learn identification. They usually have an expert to help id mushrooms, and other mycophiles at different stages. The group is able to really cover an area and find lots of variety. The mycologist then identifies the finds and someone logs them.

My first organized foray was with Larry Evans, the guru from Missoula with the WMMA (fungaljungal.org). We found edibles even in October and quite a bit of variety. I was hooked on learning as many mushrooms as I could. The ones I have attended since then have always been worth the time. Larry has taught me many tricks to learning mushrooms, but I have a long way to go!

If you get the chance to go on an organized foray, give it a try. You will learn about identification and meet other mycophiles. We will post forays here as they become available.