Mycelium Running

Hello fellow mycophiles,

I have been reading “Mycelium Running” by Paul Stamets. I have several of his books and have been inspired by them. This book blew my mind with his low tech approach to cultivation. His examples of growing mycelium on cardboard are worth the price of the book alone. I have learned a lot of new concepts from it and have not been able to put it down. Give it a try,


2 thoughts on “Mycelium Running”

  1. Oyster mushrooms in particular seem to grow on almost anything. I have seen pictures of them growing on books, newspapers and most other paper products. They use the cellulose for food and create soil. Stamets also has pictures of them growing out of motor oil, and oil contaminated soil. They use the oil for food and prepare the soil for plants. So yes I would think they would be a great candidate for recycling, since that is the job they perform in our forests. The possibilities with other types of mushrooms are endless.

    I just recently inoculated our spent corn stalks from the garden with oyster spawn, and it is growing. Inoculated some tree branches with some also. I will track their progress here on the site.

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