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New Mushroom Grow Kit!

We have added a new Grow Kit to our Store!

THE MUSHROOM FARM from Back to the Roots


Grow these delicious organic oyster mushrooms right out of the box in just 3 easy steps – open, mist and harvest (Includes a free mister) Repeat to grow a second crop.

The Ideal Gift The award-winning Mushroom Farm, a recipient of the SOFI Gold Award has been featured on the Today Show, Oprah magazine, Sunset, Food & Wine Magazine and many more.

Made in USA The Mushroom Farm is designed in California and grown in Michigan. Martha Stewart selected Back to the Roots as a Top 10 American Made Company.

Certified Organic The Mushroom Farm is certified organic by QAI and USDA. It uses 100% recycled materials as the growing medium (saw dust, corn cobs, soy husks and wheat bran).

Paying it Forward Back to the Roots will donate a free Mushroom Farm to any elementary school classroom for every picture of the Mushroom Farm posted to their Facebook page.


New Book Review, “The Mushroom Hunters”

“The Mushroom Hunters” by Langdon Cook Mushroom Hunters

This is a very well written book and really talks about the true life of Mushroom Hunters! It is centered around Seattle, which is the center of the mushroom world for most commercially sold wild mushrooms.

The author gets to know some professionals and is allowed to forage with them and be a part of the rarely known part of this mushroom game, including the marketing and delivery of wild mushroom products to well known restaurants and markets. There are logistics involved that would boggle the average mind!

It is a story of chefs, mushroom pickers and mushroom buyers. I think this book will give the weekend mushroom picker a good idea of what goes on in the professional mushroom world. It will also help the mushroom consumer to understand why wild mushrooms are so expensive and hard to get a hold of. I really enjoyed finding out that there is a group of foodies and chefs that understand the seasonal nature of wild gourmet mushrooms. It is an understanding that is lost with the modern consumer that expects year round availability of everything from our factory farms.

This is a really good read and I could not put it down until I read it cover to cover! The secretive world that he uncovers is amazing and complicated. He also talks about relationships and friendships that are built and sometimes lost in this mushroom world.

Attention Mushroom Farmers!

Now is the time to get some mushroom projects going!

Reishi Kit 2 Shiitake Kit 3







Projects started now will have a better chance of success! Inside projects started now will be ready to transplant outside this spring. Outside projects started now will have a chance to grow before the warm weather comes.

Montana Mushrooms has secured 4 more kits for our Mushroom Store! This brings the total to 8 mushroom kits to choose from! oyster mycobag 2









Something for everyone and great for children!