Attention Mushroom Farmers!

Now is the time to get some mushroom projects going!

Reishi Kit 2 Shiitake Kit 3







Projects started now will have a better chance of success! Inside projects started now will be ready to transplant outside this spring. Outside projects started now will have a chance to grow before the warm weather comes.

Montana Mushrooms has secured 4 more kits for our Mushroom Store! This brings the total to 8 mushroom kits to choose from! oyster mycobag 2









Something for everyone and great for children!

2 thoughts on “Attention Mushroom Farmers!”

  1. I need to ask a silly question… What exactly is a river bottom or creek bottom? Also i live close to the Yaak are there morels growing around here?

  2. Hello and welcome to Montana Mushrooms!
    There are no silly questions on this site.
    River and creek bottoms refer to the area along the rivers and creeks. They usually contain cottonwoods, willows and plenty of brush.
    There are morels in the Yaak area, and you should do well there.
    Stay tuned as we keep close track of the morel migration!
    Happy hunting,

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