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  1. Groew up in Eastern Europe, always hunted wild mushrooms (they were part of our food) lived in Washington state for many years and went wild mushrooms hunting Cascade Mountains. Came to Montana – miss wild mushroom hunting. it is my greatest hobby. Do not know where to go. I live at Great Falls. Can you give me some dirrections. I know that there is not enough rain. Still miss forest. thanks

  2. Hello,
    Mushrooms are a huge part of my diet. Who new that free food could be so good for you.
    I am not familiar with the Great Falls area, but there will be morels and oyster mushrooms in the spring. They will be hiding around the cottonwood river bottoms
    In the fall there will be oysters again on the cottonwoods, and boletes and chanterelles in the mountains. You might be surprised how many edible mushrooms grow around town. I eat at least 6 different mushrooms that I find within city limits. You just have to be careful of chemicals.
    This was a very dry fall and we hope for a wet spring! Keep looking…that is half the fun,

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