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  1. Hi Dean,

    I have been following your blog for a bit of time since I moved to Bozeman in May. I am an amateur forager from Portland. I was primarily went out for chanterelles during the fall in Portland, I had a wonderful patch that I miss dearly right now, and also would go for hedgehogs, black trumpets, and the occasional yellow foots. I had a bit of luck earlier this season with the yellow morels in the river bottoms before the flooding hit.

    Now I understand that this area is considerably drier than Portland, but I in my hikes I have found some areas that seem prime for chanterelles. I would like to run a couple of places by you that I thought might be decent areas to search. As I hope to do some foraging as the weather begins to cool.

    Do you know if black trumpets or hedgehogs turn up in these areas? To be honest, those are some of my favorites. I find them to be a bit more of a treat because I come across them less frequently than some of the others mushrooms. I’ve seen cauliflowers and bear’s head at some markets in Missoula, so I assume they might be around this region as well. Any pointers?

    Many thanks…

  2. Hi Patrick,
    Thank you for your comment.
    Yes, the weather is much drier here than on the coast. We still have a lot of the same mushrooms, but they are smaller, and in my humble opinion, tastier.
    We have chantrelles here when the weather cooperates. We also find hedgehogs and they have become one of my favorites. I have never found black trumpets, and not really sure if we have them. I have picked the bear head many times, but have never found the cauliflower. Missoula has at least one good grower, so that might be where you are seeing them.
    When the cool rains finally settle in, you will find the chanterelles in pretty much the same types of areas you are used to finding them.
    Please let us know how you do,

  3. Dean,
    Do you give work shops or lessons for the newbys of your web site? This is great site by the way the pics are great!! Would there be any around Butte?

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