7 thoughts on “What a Year for MUSHROOMS !!!”

  1. what a pix . . . he looked just as happy about it as you sounded . . . awesome pix . . .am so proud of you . . . great website . . . have it in my bookmarks and will check it out often . . .

  2. Yes……it was a fantastic season for fungi. Jim and I found about
    50 lbs of Cantherellus cibarius in just a few 1 hour sessions. I added to the list of edibles for my plate this year when I found (well Jim found and I idendified)a Sweetooth Hedgehog(Dentinum repandum)patch. Yum!

  3. Yes, it is pretty hard to get your fill of of chantrelles, but I almost did this year! If you look closely at the picture, there is hedgehogs up above the boletes also. I agree…they cooked up very nicely and were delicious.
    Indeed an unbelievable year for mushrooms. Some are saying the best in 15 years!

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