Oyster Cultivation Update

Checked on the “Oysters growing on cornstalks” project and was excited to see life! The project had survived being outside during this cold weather.The last time I posted pictures, the oysters were starting to grow(see other posts on oyster cultivation). Then in a couple weeks the fungus gnats found the fungus and it had to go outside. At the time the weather was pretty good and I wasn’t worried too much. Well the weather turned so it lived under the deck covered with a couple small blankets. Even though I wanted to check on it, I knew it could kill or at least slow the project. This weekend it was finally warm enough I felt safe in checking on it, and took some shots of progress.

CornstalksOysters on Cornstalks

As you can see the mushrooms are coming along fine and will be producing food when the weather warms a little. Since the last shots of this project it has been below zero a few nights and has been too cold for most mushrooms. I think since the tub was covered and the fungus provided some heat of its own, it survived. Oysters are amazing!

Oysters on CornstalksOysters on Cornstalks

Oysters on CornstalksOysters on Cornstalks

As you can see they are itching to get outside.We will keep close track of this project all the way to the pan!