Shiitakes for Food and Medicine

Shiitakes are a great way to eat your medicine.

ShiitakeShiitake mushrooms have proven to be an all around healthy food. The medicinal properties are almost as good as the Reishi, which is tasty but difficult to eat in volume.Western society has finally realized what eastern society has known for centuries. Mushrooms are good for you and have incredible healing properties for our ailing society.


It only stands to reason that you would want the shiitake to be organic. There is only a few places in the country to purchase them. Garden City Fungi, outside of Missoula, grows and sells organic mushrooms. The owners are serious about organics and I trust them for a safe local product. Stamets, of Fungi Perfecti,  is a champion of the organic mushroom movement, and I trust them for mailorder.

Lincs to both websites are on the Home Page. They are both certified organic. Support responsible growers and get to know your farmers.