Mushroom Cultivation Workshops

Mushroom Cultivation Workshops are a great way to learn how to grow mushrooms and meet mycophiles. I have been to 2 different workshops through the Bioneers Conference.

The first one was with the Missoula Guru Larry Evans with the WMMA and the Fungal Jungal. The idea with this one was to pasteurize straw, and then inoculate the pasteurized straw with Oyster mushroom spawn. Everyone got to participate and take a bag of inoculated straw home ready to produce mushrooms.

The process was simple and straight forward. We broke a bale of straw up, and then ran over it with a lawn mower until it was chewed up to smaller pieces. A steel barrel of water was heated with a propane burner until boiling. Larry had fashioned a basket out of hardware cloth with a handle of wire. we stuffed the basket loosely with straw and plunged it into the boiling water. It stayed about 20 minutes with a brick on top to keep it down. The basket was raised, drained some, and then dumped on a clean tarp. It took about 3 batches to complete. The straw was spread out and allowed to cool to a tepid temperature.

The bags of spawn were then spread out over all of the straw and was mixed by hand being careful not to step on the tarp. The inoculated straw was then bagged up in small plastic bags, and nails were used to poke holes throughout the bag. The bags of inoculated straw were then taken home by participants to grow fresh mushrooms. The mycelium quickly consumed the straw in the bag and in about 2 weeks I had fresh oyster mushrooms to eat.

Me and about 30 other people were turned on to the simplicity and complexity of growing mushrooms. You could see it in their eyes, they were hooked for life. I have been playing around with oyster mushrooms since, and am constantly amazed at the aggressiveness of this mushroom.

If you get a chance to attend a mushroom cultivation workshop, I would highly recommend it.

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  1. Our next possibility of a workshop near here, is the Bioneers Conference ( or in Bozeman, mid October. I will try to find some sooner, and report the results here.

  2. Hi my name is Rodrigo Lañado, i am a natural agricultor and i have a farm here in México. i saw on the documentary “Know your Mushrooms” that Mr Larry Evans Said something about a mushroom that was studies by swiss scientists that eats the snow flea (thrips) i didnt heard very well in the movie the name of the mushroom, i think it was something like “lakota mushroom” or something. Im very interested in knowing that because in the region where we live many farmers incluiding my self have lost many many acresof tomate crops because of thrips, and i would really thank you alot if you can help me out giving me some info about the mushrooms that can help with this issue or a way of contacting MR. Evans

    Thank you very much.

  3. Dean Im an old friend of yours from Whitehall and just looked at your web site cool information and I’m impressed with your knowledge on the subject, I will be sure to check it out more in the future.
    Shroom on!

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