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Spring Mushroom Season

Hello fellow mushroom fanatics!

Feels kind of spring-like outside the last couple of days. This always makes it hard to wait for the true spring to arrive. This is the time of year that I like to get ready for the upcoming spring mushrooms.


Even though spring is not the season that we get our largest flush of mushrooms, the ones that do flush are important. The morels come in the spring, and are the most recognized mushroom to amateurs and part timers.


Oysters come in the spring and fall, but are especially nice in the spring because we have waited all winter for them. Just to start seeing mushrooms flushing, lets us know that winter is mostly over and the ground is warming.

An old farmer told me that when the mushroom pickers start showing up, that he knows the weather is going to settle down. He did not eat or pick wild mushrooms, but he knew it had to do with more than how the weather acted that day or week.

Happy New Year cont.

Happy New Year to  all of my fungal friends! It was a great year for mushrooms, and I am looking forward to another great year ahead.

Along with wild mushrooms, last year was a great year for growing mushrooms!

The oyster mushrooms proved to be aggressive and versatile again this year. We grew, harvested and consumed oyster mushrooms growing on cornstalks, coffee grounds, wood chips and garden waste. I even had oysters growing out of the bottom of my compost bin. They flushed at different times and were a treat each time!

New projects last year were interesting,

The garden giant outdoor kit was planted in the spring. The fungus consumed half of the wood chips and spread all over, but they did not flush before fall. I know they will flush next spring.

I ordered reishi and shiitake plugs early in the year. The summer slipped away and the plugs didn’t get plugged until late fall.  I look forward to spring to see if they grow.

A close friend of mine received a shiitake growing kit in late fall and so far has had 1 small flush. We are hopeful for the next flush. The kit will be put to good use this spring after it is done producing.

My mom planted her morel mushroom patch. It is in a good spot so it should produce. We have seen this one work in Oregon, so we are excited to see it work closer to home!

All in all, it was a productive year for a budding mushroom farmer!