3 thoughts on “Morels”

  1. I’m new to shroom hunting. Any tips on what type of environment morels grow best in or tips on finding them? I’ve heard recent burn areas and where ever there is water? Is that true? I can cover a lot of area…I have horses and this would be a fun adventure for us 🙂

  2. Hello and welcome to mushrooms!
    They flush in recent burns and they do like water. They like cottonwoods and grow in a lot more places than you would think. They also like disturbed soil in the river bottoms. Now is the time to find new patches that might provide food for decades! They are hard to see until your eye gets trained to them, then they pop out without thinking about it. Let us know how you do,

  3. Hi there, I have been picking Morels for years in Oregon. I just moved to Montana and have not found one yet? Can you give me a hint on where to find them in the Flat Head Valley? I have found many Boletus in Kila, near Rogers Lake but no Morels…..


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