Mushroom Movie Review

Finally got to see the movie “Know Your Mushrooms!” starring Larry Evans and Gary Lincoff.  Written, Produced &  Directed by: Ron Mann

Larry Evans is the fearless leader of the Western Montana Mycological Association and maintains the Fungal Jungal website. (link on home page). Larry has taught me a lot of what I know about mushrooms, and is my mushroom guru.

Gary Lincoff has written several books, and the one I am most familiar with is the National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mushrooms
by Gary A. Lincoff, Gary H. Lincoff, Carol Nehring. This was my first mushroom ID book and is a great resource.

The story starts with Larry at the Teluride Mushroom Festival in Colorado. This is a long running get together and there is plenty of characters to entertain and inform.

There is educational portions and comedy thrown in along the way. Complete with question and answer sessions. The scenery and graphics are top notch

I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in Mushrooms!

4 thoughts on “Mushroom Movie Review”

  1. Have been trying to find a way to ask a question of mushroom enthusiasts on this site, but haven’t found a way. Hope this does the trick.

    In 2009 there were so many king boletes in my area that I left behind many to make sure that they would be there this year. NONE grew this year despite lots of rain. Are these bi-annual? Have found no info about this.

    Thank you for your help.

  2. Thank you for your response Gerry!
    I did not find as many Kings this year as we did last year. Last year was an unusually good year for Boletes. I have not read anywhere that Boletes are bi-annual. We usually find them in the same places year after year. Maybe they produced so much fruit in 2009, that they needed to rest this year. We had a very wet and cold spring that did not help some types of mushrooms produce. Did anything besides weather change in your area this year?

  3. I thought the movie was quite well done! Fungi are fascinating, and the way the information was presented was well, informational! And ripe with humor and depth of heart. Bravo, fantastico! Maybe I’ll see you in the forest or at the festivals. I’ll be the one with the fretless bass. Be well, y’all.

  4. Know Your Mushrooms
    Fascinating show!!! Really enjoyed it, learned SO much.

    Larry Evans tells a story of a type of mushroom he gives to sniffling people at the Farmers Market and they are thrilled and amazed with the excellent results!
    I can’t for the life of me figure out what he’s saying the name of the mushroom is.

    Can you help pls?

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