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Hill Botanical

Finally made my way to Hill Botanical.

I had heard about Kris Hill’s little herb shop for some time now, but had not made it there to actually check it out. I expected to find the herb selection that I saw, but was not prepared for the mushrooms and mushroom products she had in stock. The organic Reishi that has been so illusive this past winter for me was right there on the shelf.

In talking to Kris briefly, I found that she incorporates mushrooms in her products and mixtures. Some herbalists exclude mushrooms in their practice and this has made it very hard for me to learn from them. Kris gives classes on herbs and I plan on catching some of the classes that she teaches.

I was not able to visit with Kris long enough to give a proper review of what she does, but I plan to and will report here again. Give her shop a look at 204 E. Olive Street, Bozeman and check out the website at the link on my homepage.

Kris Hill