4 thoughts on “Spring Morels”

  1. Did ok with the early blondes…. Now off to the blacks … I find most at 6500-7200 ft in the mountains this time of year 🙂 How about you Dean?

  2. Hi Paul,
    I think you might be on to something! Any excuse to be in the mountains!
    Happy hunting,

  3. Hi Paul,

    I was going to be passing through Western Montana on THU, FRI, SAT and thought get a hint as to where / what mushrooms might be coming up here in mid-June. I’m thinking blonde morels are drying out as your site said. I saw some on UT-ID border last week at ~6000.

    My current thought is to drive over Lolo Pass and go for a hike Friday PM or Saturday AM. I’m thinking higher is better, so I’ll push the rental car into the hills.

    Happy hunting,
    -Paul H.
    Photo Chairman, Puget Sound Mycological Society

  4. Hi Dean!

    I found a moderate amount of morels this spring. It seemed as though I could not find more than just a few in a spot. I would always come home with just enough for a meal -with none left to dehydrate. The rain was great -the night time temps just didn’t want to get above 40. I did see a few pics. of some nice harvests though. My high elevation spots are already pretty dry and I think I may give up on 2015 morels. Time to start hoping for some nice soakers in July and August. I may put a little more effort into chanterelle hunting this year. Hope you are having a great season!

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