4 thoughts on “Calling Fisk the mushroom hunter”

  1. Hello Dean,
    Don’t get much time to surf with school and all so just found post..sorry. Yes, still hunting and very addicted to process of it all… I did find some good burn Morels for the first time….The others morels (Esc) elude me still. Looks like about time to look for Oyster and Chantrelles. Anyone…any luck?

  2. Hi Fisk,
    Great to hear from ya! Glad you are still hunting mushrooms and have found some morels. The natural morels are getting harder and harder to find. Was thinking the same thing about the fall mushrooms and I hope we can still enjoy the fruits of this rain before the snow puts this season to rest!
    Happy Hunting,

  3. Have always had a love and interest in wild mushrooms. I work for the Forest Service and I am always picking up specimens I stumble upon hoping to indentify at home.

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