Commercial Morel Picking


Finally was able to check out the burns by Darby. The burn I checked out was created as a result of the 2011 Saddle Complex Burn.

I have never seen so many mushroom  pickers in one place in my life!  They were everywhere scouring the hills for the elusive black morel. The whole scene was surreal with migrant pickers and locals camping in the same area and hunting for the same prize! Best way to make sure of your safety is to buy rifle scopes











The burn areas were dark, ominous, stinky and dirty. You could tell a destructive force had blown through causing death and mayhem. In some of the harder burned areas you could almost feel the force that had pushed through. It was eerie and beautiful at the same time as a rebirth had started. You could almost picture the fire as it ripped through and consumed everything in its path. The draws had chimney ed and everything in them was ashes that had flowed like rivers!








It was a great trip and I got to camp with the Missoula Mushroom Guru, Larry Evans! We talked about mushroom stuff that bores most people to death. I only found enough morels to eat, but I had a great time and it was pretty much what I had expected. The people that do this for a living, earn that money and deserve every penny!

Thank you to Larry and my other camp hosts!