3 thoughts on “Spring Mushrooms”

  1. I found some Big golden brown and brown mushrooms near the Gallatin River today and were wondering what they were. They had lots of gills and I brought one home in case they were good to eat. Could u help me find what they are?

  2. Hello,
    Glad to hear the fungi have decided to grow!
    Send some pictures to my email and I will look at them. MontanaMushrooms@gmail.com
    Top view, bottom view showing gills, and a side shot. Then, take a spore print(cut off the stem and lay gills side down on paper and cover) and note the color after a few hours. Hopefully you dug up the base, because that is important for ID. I will help you try to identify it.
    An note for everyone…never eat a mushroom you are not absolutely sure of. Bring a sample home and try to identify it like Peyton has done.
    Talk to you soon,

  3. new to hunting mushrooms live near redlodge montana hear good things about morels up around wild bill lake is this true and when is a good time was there a couple days ago may 28th there was a few in of snow but melting quick weather report says 70s 80s all week what do you think?

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