Oyster Mushroom Pictures

Fisk sent us these pictures of his mushroom tree!

Here ya go…pretty sure they are Oysters.?.

Looks like you have found a friend for life!

The first picture is tough to tell, but they look like oysters.

The second picture is definitely clusters of baby oysters.

The third picture is classic prime oyster clusters!

This tree will produce delicious oyster mushrooms spring and fall for years or possibly decades! Thank you for the pictures and valuable information,


Mushroom Puzzle

I was taking advantage of a green cottonwood in town that had fallen. Several blocks about a foot long and 2 to 3 foot around were free for the taking. I stacked them on top of each other and was planning to split and store them to cure.

I noticed mycelium growing on the face where they were stacked together, and did not recognize the mycelium smell or look, but decided to let them grow enough to identify them.

Mushrooms are more valuable than fireplace fodder!

My guess at that time was Pholiota or honey (shoestring rot) or possibly (hopefully) oysters. The mycelium didn’t smell like oyster, but I had seen oysters growing on this tree before. The tree had rotted so honeys were possible, and pholiota grows everywhere.


They were Pholiota after all. I had suspected this all along, but had to verify. Their bumps, brown spores and smell of garlic gave them away!