Eating and Storing Oyster Mushrooms

After successful harvest of oyster mushrooms grown on coffee grounds, the enjoyable job of  cooking and storing the harvest begins!

Oyster Mushrooms Growing on Coffee GroundsOysters Growing on Coffee Grounds

The first thing to do was to eat them and see how they taste. Oysters change flavor a little when grown on different hosts, and I was curious how the coffee would affect it. The mushrooms were torn in small strips and fried in canola oil.

Oysters frying in oiloysters in oiloysters on platefryed oyster closeup

They were delicious! I think they were a little sweeter than the others I have eaten. The texture was firm but not woody at all. We decided to try them dusted with flour and cooked with a little butter added to the oil.

fryed oysters with flouroysters fryed with flour

They were delicious also and held up to the process very well. We will cover saving the excess next!