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  1. Hello,
    I enjoyed “Know Your Mushrooms” & wanted the name of the sinus/cold cure mushroom.
    You showed it at the Asian restaurant.
    It sounded like
    Thank you & have a great weekend,

  2. Hello, and welcome to Montana Mushrooms!
    The mushroom they are talking about is the Reishi mushroom, and it’s family Ganoderma. I use this mushroom and also grow it. Reishi Kits
    Thank you,

  3. I have been trying to identify a mushroom that has shown up on my acreage this year. I have never seen it here before. I will try to attach a photo. It looks like the Death Cap, but it has not turned green. Can you help me? Darn, I can’t post a photo here.

  4. Sorry, I am in the Bitterroot Mountains, Bitterroot Valley, Montana. My neighbors asked me the same question. They have never seen them before on their property.

  5. Hello and I apologize for the late answer.
    I am not sure. I have not seen them myself.
    How anyone else?

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