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National Geographic

This Taylor Lockwood photo – or one like it – of this bio-luminescent Mycena lucentipes – appears in the May, 2014 issue of ‘National Geographic,’ across a two-page spread! Very Impressive Photo! Congratulations, Taylor!!!!!

National Geographic










This is just some of the cool stuff we will see on the Spirits of the Forest Tour.

Stay tuned for more exciting news fromĀ  Taylor Lockwood!

Taylor Lockwood

Taylor LockwoodTaylor Lockwood has offered to stop in Bozeman with his Spirits of the Forest tour!

His recent work photographing and identifying Bioluminescent Mushrooms has gained a lot of international attention and one of his Bioluminescent Mushroom photographs is featured in a 2 page spread in the National Geographic May issue!

We will put this show together if we can get enough interest. The date we are looking at is October 1 and the cost would be $5.


How many of you mushroom lovers would like to attend Taylor Lockwood’s Spirits of the Forest tour?

Here is a short video showing some of the magic we will see!

Talk to your mushroom or photography friends and see what kind of gathering we can create!

PLEASE LET ME KNOW, on the website comments or the Montana Mushrooms Facebook Page.

I think it would be GREAT!!!